We love to Compose Sound Design Record

Who we are

We are a creative technology company enabling sound immersion in realĀ and virtual worlds.

We work with agencies and brands to advise on, design and produce the optimum sonic experiences to bring what’s visual to life.

How we do it

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    Concept development

    We start from understanding what our client wants to achieve, what is the concept and aim of the project.
    After that we determine technical and time constraints to ensure work will be done with the best quality and on time

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    Inspired by concept, it's a time for filling the form with content. All necessary elements must be recorded, designed or composed. This is the moment when something comes from nothing

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    Implementation and testing

    When the sound is created it's time to implemented it in installation, VR device or any other platform. This process is combined with careful testing to ensure reliability and quality.

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    Maintenance and metrics

    In case of some installations, we can provide ongoing feedback and analysis

Let’s create together

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